The life of Pii

Passion – we make sure your project gets under our skin as much as it gets under yours. We only submit proposals for work that we really want to do. Passion keeps us awake at night wondering about the possibilities and opportunities for your project, audiences and stakeholders. Passion makes us more than consultants – we are part of your team. Passion means we are ambassadors for your cause and champion that cause long after the project is over.

Integrity – our professional ethics and commitment to transparency underpins all projects. We treat the smallest projects in exactly the same manner as the largest ones. Our sustainability and equal opportunity policies reflect the fact that we believe in parity of esteem and incurring the least impact within our power as a business and as individuals on a fragile planet.  We believe that trust and reputation are invaluable trading commodities and we protect ours fiercely.

– without it we are nothing but a collection of cells. True creativity feeds the imagination and fires the soul. Our clients don’t want run of the mill solutions, our clients want us to imagine the possibilities with them and help facilitate the transfer from imagination to reality. Creativity needs to be fed if the imagination is to flourish. At Courtney Consulting we feed our creativity through continually learning and experiencing all that life has to offer. We read, we travel, we volunteer, we play, we visit museums and galleries, we go to the theatre, carnival, opera and circus, we make music, we sing, we play sport, we watch sport, we laugh, we dance, we write, we listen, we debate and question, we actively engage with other cultures and we create. We live life with our heads, hands and hearts.