Shona Moller

This talented New Zealand artist contracted Emma to produce a UK brand entry and positioning strategy with the short term objective of selling out her debut solo London exhibition and the long term objective of establishing a sustainable and inspiring brand for the crowded and highly competitive London contemporary art market.

This year long project involved a comprehensive interrogation of the current brand against the potential London market resulting in an integrated communications strategy to meet both the short and long term business objectives. Emma immersed herself in Kiwi culture and the London Kiwi community in addition to targeted media relations, high impact networking on the artists behalf and influencer consultation and cultivation.

The strategy embodied effective client relationship management techniques leveraging the interest of those most likely to engage with the brand enabling a ripple effect to the wider London market. The full marketing mix was addressed including place, price, product, promotion, people, physical evidence and process.
Shona’s first solo London exhibition sold out within 48 hours.